Best Time to Visit Europe : Temperature & Weather (2023)

Best Time To Visit Europe

Europe is beautiful and worth visiting any time of the year, depending on the weather you enjoy, your idea of a holiday and your interest in cultural activities.

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Although Europe is a year-round travel destination, the best time to visit Europe is during the summer months of June to September. This is the time when the sun is high, the beaches are warm and the weather is sunny. This is also the time when most of the countries boast of cultural events, galas and even end of season fashion sale. Summer is also an ideal time for hikes, road trips and adventure activities. It has a variety of climates, but most of the continent has mild weather, in fact milder than parts of Asia and North America at the same latitude. The mild weather is due to the winds that blow across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean.

Travel MonthsMin TemperatureMax TemperatureSeason
DEC - FEB14°c24°cSummer
SEP - NOV7°c14°cAutumn
MAR - MAY7°c10°cWinters
JUN - AUG2°c18°cSpring

On an average the weather in Europe remains inviting all the year round with an exception of some places in winters which can prove to be too harsh for some. It is important to know the weather before deciding on your holiday to be able to pack your bag accordingly.

Summer in Europe (June to August)

Summer is the perfect weather making it the most popular time of the year to visit Europe with tourists flocking to the continent in huge numbers during the season. France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece in Western and the Southern Europe are the busiest tourist hubs during summers.

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Significance: Time of the year for some amazing music festivals

Temperature: 14-24 C (Western Europe), 14-25 C (Eastern Europe), 17-30 C (Southern Europe), 13-22 C (Northern Europe)

Weather: Delightfully warm. Temperature during the daytime makes it comfortable to explore most countries of Europe, except for the Mediterranean coast which gets quite hot at this time of the year.

Why you should visit now: The temperature and weather is ideal to explore most places in Europe. It is also the perfect time for indulging in some exciting outdoor activities.

Know before you visit now: Crowded, extremely busy and high accommodation rates as it is the peak season for tourism in Europe. Outdoor spaces such as beaches and places like Madrid or Florence should be best left to be enjoyed in the evenings. Heavy rainfall in Paris is common around July.

Tips: If visiting Moscow it is advisable to carry sunblock as you may experience intense heat /heat waves .Remember to pack an umbrella for shelter from unexpected summer showers.

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Do not wear shorts if you plan to visit any orthodox cathedral.

Autumn in Europe (September to November)

Autumn is the shoulder season for tourism in Europe. It is best for visiting Netherlands, Belgium or Sweden.

Significance: Europe brightens with numerous festivals during autumn season. The La Mercé Festival of Spain, Paris Nuit Blanche of France, Great Cornish Festival of England, Alba White Truffle Festival of Italy, Cafe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival of Hungary, many more.

Temperature: 7 C -14 C

The temperature and weather during autumn is cool and pleasant enough to travel around Europe. Rains are fairly common, making the weather wet and cold at times.

Why you should visit now: The tourist crowd decreases at this time making the place more accessible and the prices of boarding and lodging drop to a considerable extent. It is the best time for those interested in hiking at the Alpine trails.

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Know before you visit: Mediterranean Europe (France, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece) remain busy and expensive at this time of the year too.

Tips: A pair of rain boots and warm clothes are essential items to carry.

Winters in Europe (December to February)

Winters in Europe are known to be particularly brutal as far as weather is considered, with the temperature dropping to -10 C in some places like Russia or Poland.

Significance: The white Christmas of Europe is one to behold with the busy and joyous Christmas markets that sprout all over the continent, the experience is one to remember. We have the famous Venice Carnival of Italy, Amsterdam Light festival, Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival of Belgium, Momentum Ski Festival of Switzerland besides others.

Temperature: 7 C to -10 C

Weather: Europe experiences biting cold weather in winters with cold breeze and heavy snowfall in most regions of the continent.

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Why to visit now: Winters is the most mesmerizing time in Europe. Cities such as Vienna, Rome and Athens are at their best in terms of both beauty and weather. You can enjoy activities like skiing, watch the northern lights in Iceland, glaciers of Norway or visit Russia to witness the breathtaking Christmas and New Year festivities at Moscow’s Red Square. It is also a great time to see an opera. The flights and hotel accommodations are quite cheap at this time of the year.

Know before you visit now: Most of the attractions are shut down during winters with many towns turning into ghost towns as the locals set out to warmer places to spend the season. Northern Europe experiences the coldest of climate during winters with possibilities of blizzards too.

Tips: Be sure to pack in several warm clothes to layer your self up with thermals, cardigans and a waterproof coat. A beanie, gloves and warm boots are also a must to carry.

Spring in Europe (March to May)

Spring brings with it unparalleled natural allure to the continent.

Significance: This season sees many wonderful music festivals

Temperature: 2 C to 18 C

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Weather: The weather is neither too cold, nor hot. It just perfect for sightseeing and exploring Europe which is at its peak of beauty.

Why to visit now: Southern Europe with its newborn greenery after white winters is the finest sight to behold. France, England, Scotland, Hungary and Ireland are the best places to visit in Europe during this season. Most attractions reopen and outdoor activities are back. Being a low period for tourist visits, it is also cheaper to travel to Europe at this time.


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